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The Startup Comunity

Creww was founded in 2012 with the goal to become Japan's first entity dedicated to creating an ecosystem for startups. As a mission driven enterprise aimed at galvanizing a nation of innovators, founders and entities of various sizes – Creww's ecosystem which is the largest in Japan is now a burgeoinging community of motivated supporters that comprise of a rare community that power an ecosystem poised to provide increased value on the global stage.

Largest Open Innovation Platform

As pioneers of Open Innovation in Japan, our Tokyo-based initiatives that pair startups and large enterprise within the ecosystem have become ubiquitous globally due to our stellar track record and varioius cross-cultural collaborations. This was achieved beginning with a multitude of regional events executed in the form of in-person engagments now transitioned into mutilple programs conducted on an internally developed web-based platform that are amongst the largest in Japan.

Unleashing Asian Innovation

The maturation of the ecosystem now generates an increase in talented startups and great technology that inturn allows for opportunities to floruish in a seamless manner. Our coalition which now brings together the top accelerators and VC's from Asia to identify the best startups in the region by "specific theme" have attracted various Western entities and accelerators that bring with them investment as well as increased innovation which aid in growth within the global communitiy at-large.