Building an age of bravery

We exist to fill this world with brave souls. Like the spirit that drove the maritime explorers to discover new oceans. As crew members on your ship, we want to help you sail into the unknown to connect you with new business partners, investors, and opportunities. We are Creww.

  • Creww was started with a desire to change a country that is lagging behind in its approach toward challenging opportunities. Against the backdrop of a rapidly declining population and technological developments that are transforming lifestyles, industries and businesses, Japan needs innovation more than any other country. But the rate of entrepreneurship is said to be one of the lowest in the developed world.

  • Our vision of Japan's future is one of success in entrepreneurship and innovation. We believe in a future where entrepreneurship and innovation are normalized. Individuals that take on challenges will be much more respected and challenges will be much more commonplace than they are now. We will continue to build services with value that only we can provide and offer an essential platform for entrepreneurs and their growth. Our mission is to “support the growth of entrepreneurs through a smart platform designed for people, products and investments”.



Support the growth of entrepreneurs through a smart platform designed for people, products and investments

We will conduct this mission.


  • Entrepreneurs First

    Let's work for the challenger.

  • Social Good

    Let's work with a good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society.

  • Uniqueness

    Let's think through to find uniqueness.

  • Respect

    Let's use diversity as a strength with associates from various backgrounds.

  • First Penguin

    Be a challenger yourself and take responsibility for your actions.