Board of Directors

  • Sorato IjichiFounder and CEO

    He spent his high school and college years in the United States. After starting his first company while attending California State University, he founded a total of four companies in Japan and overseas. Currently, he is involved in several organizations and projects related to building startup ecosystems and promoting open innovation in Japan. [Organizations and Projects] Executive Officer, Japan Association of New Economy Board Member, Digital Society Design Council Recommender, J-Startup Recommendation Committee (METI, JETRO and NEDO), Board Member, AMA terrace.

  • Tomoyuki MizunoCOO

    After graduating from an American university, he founded a startup as a co-founder of a social ticketing service after 10 years of sales and management experience in the IT industry. He then joined Creww in 2013 and became a director in 2017. After working as a sales manager and business manager for open innovation programs between startups, enterprises, and local governments since its inception, he is currently responsible as COO for open innovation business, startup studio (incubation) business, and startup support business.

  • Kei TakahashiCFO

    After working as head of corporate planning and business development at a software development company for clinics, and as head of accounting at a listed company, he joined Creww in 2019, sharing its vision. Currently, he is responsible for the corporate department.

  • Naotake TakadaCTO

    He began producing creative works using digital video streaming and real-time communication in 1994, and continued his involvement in projects around video and telecommunication. Before joining Creww in 2021, he worked in development of a multi-device service, custom-built MBaaS system, O2O IoT monitoring service, engineer training business and image processing AI. He is responsible for infrastructure redevelopment and the launch of new services.

  • Toshitaka KishiCHRO

    He has launched a legal division in a major BtoB cloud service provider, and managed and reinforced corporate governance ahead of the company’s TSE listing as a director of the auditing office. In 2019, he joined Creww, resonating with its vision. After setting up a legal department to strengthen internal controls and expand the business, and working as a full-time auditor since November 2020, he is currently responsible for the HR and legal department as CHRO since October 2023.

Outside Directors

  • Keisuke WadaOutside Director of Creww Inc.

    Outside Director of Creww Inc., Representative Partner of Selene Venture Partners and IncubateFund.

Executive Officers

  • Katsuya NakajimaExecutive Officer

    He joined a student venture company when he was a university student. After working at an independent venture capital firm, he was involved in launching and managing new businesses at a major human resource company. He joined Creww in 2016 after resonating with its vision. He is currently an Executive Officer of the Open Innovation Department.

  • Hitomi TajiriExecutive Officer

    After working in sales at a leading staffing agency, she worked in consulting sales at the bridal division of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. where she experienced supporting new business creation, strategic planning, internal/external HR development and management. After experiencing industries including manufacturing and finance, she joined Creww in 2016. She is currently an Executive Officer overseeing the Open Innovation Dept. and overseas inbound projects.


  • Mizuki KatsuramakiStatutory Auditor

    Link Partners Law Firm Attorney at law Master of Business Administration

Creww Korea

  • Kyusik ChoiCreww Korea CEO & Global Business Director

    Representative of Creww Korea Inc., subsidiary in South Korea, established in 2023.


  • Yukihiro Akimoto

    Former board member of KFC Japan, former Vice President of Pepsi Cola Japan, former CEO of Nike Japan, and former Chairman of Guerlain KK.

  • Kazuma Ieiri

    The youngest CEO to have a company listed on JASDAQ. He currently works on around 30 venture companies.

  • Reiko Okutani

    CCC Support & Consulting co., ltd.   Representative Director Chairman and CEO

  • Koichi Shibuya

    Rickie Business Solution CEO

  • Masatsugu Shimono

    IBM Japan, Ltd. Honorary Advisor (Former Executive Vice President) Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Member of the Board of Directorsz

  • Kazuhiro Suzuki

    Former Chairman and Representative Officer of Cisco Systems Japan. Rakuten Group, Inc. Group Senior Managing Executive Officer 

  • Kimiyuki Suda

    Former CFO of Aeria Inc. and former auditor at internetcom K.K.

  • Keiichi Toyoda

    Founder of Beat Communication, CEO of Spice Up Japan, and Managing Director of Spiceup India Pvt Ltd.

  • Shinya Nakajima

    CEO of EPLGA, founder of Shiyukai, and former Vice President of Starbucks Japan.

  • Ikuo Yasuda

    Chairman, President and CEO of Pinnacle Inc., and former country head of Lehman Brothers Japan.

※ listed in the order of the Japanese syllabary

Associated Companies