In 2011, I was the CEO of a startup I had founded in the United States. When the Great East Japan Earthquake hit, I returned home and over time, I began to see major differences between the US and Japan’s startup approach which left a lasting impact on me. Rapid development of IT allowed for innovation to flourish in the US, enabling entrepreneurs and startups to emerge, grow and dramatically change the business environment. In contrast, Japan became known for the lowest level of entrepreneurial activities among developed nations and remains one of the slowest to embrace the concept of startups and entrepreneurs. Japan urgently needs innovation and can no longer sustain its legacy approach to business success. For a long time, access to startup accelerator programs have been limited to those at the very top level of the ecosystem. Creww was made to help change all that. We understand that the majority find it difficult to take those first steps towards success from the bottom up. At Creww, we want to increase the number and success rates of entrepreneurs and startups by reaching out to those who are committed to their challenge. To create a society where anyone can be an entrepreneur, the bottom-up approach is essential. That’s exactly the path Creww takes as a platform.

CEOSorato Ijichi