Creww inc. announced a partnership with "Google for Startups," a startup support program that Google operates in 125 countries around the world.

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Tokyo, November 11, 2022 - Creww inc. announced a partnership with "Google for Startups," a startup support program that Google operates in 125 countries around the world.

“Google for Startups" is a project launched by Google in 2011 to support startups and entrepreneurs. “Google for Startups” has Campuses in six cities around the world, including Tokyo, and offers hands-on programs for entrepreneurs and startups with more than 75 partners in 64 cities.

Since 2012, Creww has been providing open innovation programs aimed at creating new businesses for enterprises and supporting the growth of startups, and has one of the best track records of hosting such programs in Japan. Currently, approximately 6,500 startups registered on Creww’s platform, and we provide growth opportunities through accelerator programs. Recently, Creww has co-hosted accelerator programs with local governments and local enterprises to support regional innovation across Japan.
Creww honored to become a partnership with "Google for Startups” by the achievements of supporting startup and regional innovation. 

From now on, Creww's achievements in startup support through open innovation and the global network of "Google for startups" will be combined to contribute to the further development of the startup ecosystem in Japan. We will have a co-host accelerator program for supporting startups' establishment and growth.

【Comments from representatives】
■ MIKE, Kim/ Head of Google for Startups, APAC
We are thrilled to be partnering with such a dynamic organization in Japan. 
Our goal at GFS is to ensure every entrepreneur in Japan, not just Tokyo, has the resources to build a successful and global company. Creww has an incredible national network and we look forward to working together to deliver the best of Google across Japan

■TIM, Romero / Head of Google for Startups, Japan
Google for Startups is committed to helping startups grow, and we are proud to partner with Creww. Creww’s long-term commitment to startups throughout Japan and passion for helping startups has made them a valuable part of the startup ecosystem. We look forward to working together to help startups of all stages grow.  

■SORATO, Ijichi/Creww. inc CEO and Founder
we are very honored that our activities, which we have continued steadily for the past 10 years since our founding with the cooperation of various people, have been recognized.
I believe that the content and global network of Google for startups will be of great value to Japanese startups in the future.
We will strive to contribute to the further development of the ecosystem by promoting cross-border open innovation between Japanese startups and overseas companies/VCs, or between overseas startups and domestic companies.

【About Accelerator Program operating by Creww】
Since 2012, at the dawn of open innovation in Japan, we have been hosting accelerator programs to create new businesses and services through open innovation by collaborating both business resources of enterprises and innovative ideas and technologies of startups.
Currently, through our cloud-based open innovation platform "Creww Growth," enterprises host numerous programs for large and medium-sized companies and local governments nationwide to meet and collaborate with startups.

【Major achievements of Google for Startups, in Japan】
Google for Startups, Japan opened "Google for Startups Campus Tokyo" in Shibuya Stream in 2019, and last year welcomed more than 300 new startups to the community, with 55 startups participating in programs offered by Google for Startups. The 55 startups that participated in the Google for Startups program raised 1.6 billion yen in new funding, created 272 new jobs, and gained the skills they need to expand globally. In recent years, Google for Startups has been supporting a diverse range of startups through the "International Sales Academy," a program for startups to support their overseas expansion in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the "Women Founders Academy," a program for female entrepreneurs.

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With the vision of “building the age of bravery”, Creww offers a diverse range of services to support the needs of startups, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and individuals. Since its founding in 2012, Creww has worked with over 300 businesses and nearly 1000 collaboration outcomes by open innovation programs aimed at promoting DX and creating new businesses for enterprises, public organizations, and startups. Today, nearly 6500 startups are registered to Creww’s open innovation platform.